Candidates’ personal data processing policy

The purpose of the Personal Data Processing Policy ("Policy") is to inform you how UAB Hirexo carries out the processing of candidates' personal data, which data is collected, who uses it, how long it is stored, etc. We hope that you will read this information carefully.

1. For what purpose do we process your data?

The first objective is to select qualified, motivated and appropriate employees.

The second goal is to find and submit to the candidates the best and most suitable job offers.

The third purpose .(statistical): to forecast the labor market situation

2. What are your data and why? .Personal data is any information that can be used to identify a person, as well as any information about a person who has already been identified. Candidacy data (candidacy documents) - this is your presented or from the third parties obtain documents (curriculum vitae / resume, cover letter, credentials, recommendations candidate's your education supporting documents, etc.)

3. From what sources do we receive your personal data? ,Most often, we receive your data from you when you respond freely to the company's job posting and contact us by telephone, e-mail, apply on internet portals or social networks, and submit us your CV, candidate's form, a letter of motivation, recommendations from your former employers or a training institution, qualification documents, etc.

Information that affects employment only with the consent of you is provided by legal entities providing job search, selection and / or mediation services, for example Labour Exchange offices, employment agencies, job search internet portals, specialized career social networks, for example .LinkedIn, Facebook and others.

With your consent, we receive recommendations or feedback from those who recommend you, including your existing and/or former employers, co-workers, etc

4. How long and where do we keep your Personal and Candidacy data? Your Personal and Candidacy data obtained with your consent we process in accordance with the following rules:

A) until the moment you ask to stop .the processing of the Personal and Candidacy Data obtained with your consent.

B) Five years from the date your consent was received.

C) Your Personal and Candidacy Data, got in an electronic form, is stored in the corporate IT systems (servers). Data received in hard copies (paper) is stored in the files, in office premises at Gabijos str. 52, LT-06157 Vilnius, Lithuania.

D) After the scheduled processing deadline or upon receipt of your request to stop the processing of data, your Personal and Candidacy data is deleted.


First: We will always ask you whether you agree that your Personal and Candidacy data will be processed in accordance with the policy set forth herein.

Second: If you do not make a clear refusal to process the data in accordance with this policy, we will normally process it for a period of five years from the date of receipt.

Third: We will keep your consent to process your Personal and Candidacy Data for up to 10 years if we think it will be necessary for claims or lawsuits.

Fourth: If we receive information about your Candidacy or other Candidacy Documents from the Labor Exchange Office, employment agencies, job search internet portals, career social networks (eg Linkedin, Facebook) and/or other job search, selection and/or intermediaries we presume that you have all the necessary information about the processing of your Personal data and you have given your consent to process your Personal and Candidacy data for the relevant legal entity providing such services, which also includes the right to provide your data to potential employers (including us). IMPORTANT! In this way, your Personal and Candidacy data will normally be processed for five years from the date of receipt of the data

5. When and for whom we disclose your Personal Data? We may disclose your Personal and Candidacy data to third parties who assist us in screening candidates, or third parties provide us with selection, evaluation of candidates and internal administration services, or are potential employer for positions of work that are of interest to you. Such legal entities may include personnel selection and/or evaluation service providers, database software vendors, database administrators, data centres, hosting (servers) and cloud service providers, recruitment and personnel leasing companies, etc. We may transfer your Personal and Candidacy data to the companies with which we have signed cooperation agreements. In any case, we do so only with your consent. Your Personal and Candidacy data can also be provided to competent authorities or law enforcement agencies such as the police, law enforcement authorities or supervisors, but only upon request and only when it is required by applicable law or in cases and procedures provided for by law.

6. In which territories and jurisdictions do we process your personal data? We process your Personal and Candidacy data only in the territory of the European Union. At this time, we do not intend to transfer or transfer your personal data to recipients from the third countries.

7. What rights regarding your Candidacy and Personal data do you have and how you can use them?

First. . The right to access the Personal and Candidacy data processed by us. You have the right to know whether we process your personal data, as well as the right to access our personal data and information about your data processing purposes, categories of data processed, categories of data recipients, data processing period, the sources of data acquisition.

Second. Right to request correction of your Personal and Candidacy data: if the data submitted to us in your Candidacy Application has been amended or you think that we are processing inaccurate or incorrect your Personal Data, you have the right to request this information to be amended, revised or corrected.

Third. . Right to be forgotten - Right to cancel your consent to process your Personal data. At any time and request the termination of your further Personal and Candidacy data processing, which is carried out on the basis of your consent, unless there is other legal basis for the processing of your Personal Data.

Fourth. Right to restrict data processing: You have the right to restrict the processing of your Personal and Candidacy data in cases where your Personal Data is processed illegally, you dispute the accuracy of the data, you have filed an objection for the processing of data on the basis of our legitimate interest and in other cases specified in legal acts.

Fifth. .The right for data portability. Data that we process using automated tools and only in the Enterprise Candidate Data Register, you have the right to transfer to another data processor. We will handle your processed data and your desired data transfer in the usual format used by our systems in computer-readable format, and if you wish, and with technical capabilities, we will forward your data directly to another data processor you specify.

Sixth. Right to file a complaint: If you think that we process your data in violation of the requirements of personal data protection law, we always ask you firstly contact us directly (Gabijos str. 52, LT-06157 Vilnius, Lithuania; tel.: +370 5 2461711; .Email: If you are not satisfied with our proposed solution to the problem or, in your opinion, we do not make the necessary actions according to your request, you will always have the right to submit a complaint to the supervisory authority within the Republic of Lithuania, which is the State Data Protection Inspectorate (A..Juozapavičiaus str. 6, LT-09310 Vilnius; .tel.: +370 5 271 2804, +370 5 279 1445; e-mail::

8. How do we handle complaints? Upon receipt of your request to provide Personal and Candidacy data, or implement other your rights, we will always identify the requesting person. We do this to protect the data of all our candidates against unauthorized disclosure. To this end, we may ask you to provide your identity document. Upon your request, with the consent of us, the removal of the Personal and Candidacy data submitted to us, we will do so immediately, if the request to cancel processing the data is sent from the same email address as consent was given. Upon receipt of your request for the implementation of any other right of you and being sure in your identity, we undertake to inform you without undue delay, but in any case no later than one month from the receipt of your application, information about the actions that we have taken in response to your request. Given the complexity and the number of requests, we reserve the right to extend the period by two months. We will inform you about this until the end of the first month, providing information of the reasons for the extension. If your request is submitted electronically, we will provide you with an answer also by electronic means, unless this is impossible (for example, because of the extremely big volume of information) or if you ask us to respond in another way. If there will be legal obstacles to satisfy your request, we will notify you about this in writing.

9. How can you contact us? e-mail:; phone: +370 5 2461711; Address: Gabijos str. 52, LT-06157 Vilnius, Lithuania.

10. Are your data safe with us? Our suppliers are carefully selected, we require them to use the right tools to protect your data confidentiality and to ensure the security of your personal information. We use security-enhanced technologies and procedures to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. However, we cannot guarantee the security of your own internet or mobile communication, nor can we guarantee how secure your data is stored in job search portals, special career social networks (such as LinkedIn, Facebook), therefore any transfer of information by you in the specified manner or possession on the specified platforms is at your own risk.

11. Can this policy be changed? We draw your attention to the fact that this Policy may be amended, completed and updated. On our website you will always find its latest version.