Cookie Policy

Cookies are used on the Hirexo website. These are small files sent to your web browser and stored on your computer's hard disk.

In this policy, we provide information about cookies used by Hirexo UAB (hirexo) websites,, (hereinafter referred to as Hirexo web pages). Cookies are small files sent to your - Hirexo website visitor - web browser and stored on the device you are using (the hard disk of your device).
With cookies we collect the following information: device type (phone, tablet, computer, etc.), device operating system (Windows, Android, iOS, MacOS, etc.), browser used for the session or gadget type of browser (Chrome, Microsoft Edge, gadget) etc.); login location with regional or city accuracy, login time.
Depending on the legal conditions and without prejudice to them, we may also combine the information we receive with cookies with other data available to Hirexo by other means (such as your use of our services, personal or contact details provided by you on the website, etc.) .).
Using cookies and similar technologies, we collect information about visitors to Hirexo websites so that we can recognize the same visitor through other visits to Hirexo websites, save the same visitor's browsing history, selections, customize content, speed up searches on Hirexo websites, create a comfortable and friendly website environment, present it more effectively and reliably to the visitor.

We use cookie information for the following aggregated purposes:

- to ensure the convenience and functionality of the Hirex website;

- that we can improve and develop the Hirexo website to better suit your needs;

- we can create new and develop existing services and analyze the use of Hirexo websites;

- We can make targeted marketing decisions for web pages.

The following types of cookies may be used on Hirexo websites:

- Technical cookies are cookies that are necessary for the operation of Hirexo websites;

- Functional cookies are cookies that are not necessary for the functioning of Hirexo websites, but significantly improve its performance, quality and user experience;
- Analytical cookies are cookies used to prepare statistical analysis of navigation methods used by visitors to Hirexo websites; the data collected by these cookies is used anonymously;
- Targeted or promotional cookies are cookies that are used to show suggestions or other information that might interest you;
- Social network cookies are the cookies that are required to use Hirexo website information in your social profile account.

All information about cookies used by Hirexo websites, their purpose, validity and the data used after the update will be presented in the table at the end of this policy document.

You may give your consent to the use of cookies in the following ways:

- without deleting them and / or changing your web browser settings so that it does not accept cookies;

- Be familiar with the information on the cookies provided on the Hirexo websites and continue to use the Hirexo websites;

- expressing consent to the registration on Hirexo websites.

You may revoke the authorization to use cookies at any time. You can do this by changing your web browser settings so that it does not accept cookies. How do you do this depends on the operating system you are using and your web browser. Detailed information on cookies, their use, and opt-out options can be found at or
Please note that in some cases disapproval or deletion of cookies, especially disabling of technical and functional cookies, may slow down browsing, limit the functionality of certain Hirexo websites or even block access to Hirexo websites.