Hirexo is a recruitment agency assisting specialists in various fields, qualified and non-qualified employees and employers to find each other both in Lithuania and abroad.

We are part of the group of companies employing more than 2400 employees who provide services to our clients on a daily basis. Competence, gained experience and a personnel recruitment network throughout Lithuania enables us to offer flexible and efficient solutions that ensure a competitive solution for businesses, a decent living for employees and the possibility to retain relations with Lithuania while working abroad.

No matter which Lithuanian city or foreign country you live or work in, we are always available by phone or email. If you live abroad, we will help you find a solution remotely and we will arrange a meeting if you are located in Lithuania.


Both employees and employers have their own aspirations, therefore we are a partner who ensures that both sides find security: employee financial, social and psychological, employer - timely and qualitative performance of services.


Be a reliable and active partner who is always calling first, if necessary, for a new job or employee.