For Employers

Although technologies are rapidly forcing their way in our daily lives and especially into business, in most cases they still cannot function independently and replace employees who perform unusual functions. Finding suitable employees is a factor that frequently limits business development or continuity, especially now, it constantly causes concern and distracts from the development of the main business competitive advantages. If you have already experienced that, we recommend that you entrust some of your concerns to us!

Our recruitment network operates in whole Lithuania and in the group to which we belong there are already more than 2400 employees.

We can take care of Clients' needs in several ways:

STAFFING (temporary employment) - based on the Clients' needs we recruit employees at JSC "Hirexo" and manage employment relations between customer and employee. This allows our customers flexibly manage their long-term and short-term staffing needs, use their administrative resources in the most efficient way.

OUTSOURCING - flexible and efficient way for our Clients to optimise manufacturing and logistics processes. Entrusting part of the work to JSC "Hirexo", customers can focus on their core activities bringing the highest added value.

How does it work? You inform us about the need of a group of employees. We take care of all recruitment process and afterwards of employment procedures, administer pay-rolling. The only thing that remains is to help employees to adapt to your company to ensure maximum efficiency.