Jobs in Germany and the Netherlands during the quarantine

Due to the risk of COVID-19 virus spread, movement restrictions have been introduced between EU countries. If you want to return to your home country, please follow the information of your country's Embassy or Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We wish you safe and smooth trip home!

HOWEVER, if you staying in Germany or the Netherlands and are looking for a job, the Hirexo team is here to help. Many companies are restricted or suspended the work due to an quarantine situation, but some of them operate and hire employees. We communicate with our customers on a regular basis and collect information on job vacancies constantly. Due to the travel restrictions mentioned above, we will only be able to offer jobs to candidates who are already in Germany or the Netherlands. To help us find the best solution for you, please include the following information when registering on our website or contacting us by email:

  • what work experience you have (list any work experience you have had in 5-10 years); 
  • what city/country are you staying; 
  • do you have (or you do not) an accommodation;
  • do you have (or you do not) a valid driving license;
  • do you have (or you do not) a car;
  • which foreign languages ​​you speak.

We will try to find the best solution for you in a difficult situation!


Please register, provide the necessary information and add your CV in English through the link bellow. You may also send email to or call us +37052595099